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Automatic dispenser of ceramic pigments


Thanks to the experience acquired in the engineering and fabrication of weighing and batching plants (technological towers, dry colouring plants, weighing and batching plants for raw materials, etc.…), CMF TECHNOLOGY is proud of introducing to our esteemed Customers WIND, the new automatic dispenser of dry ceramic pigments for the preparation of coloured slurry and/or syrups.

WIND unit can be easily adopted by the customers who are producing coloured slurry by conventional systems (i.e. adding dry pigments to discontinuous ball mills) but also in the plants which are using syrups (condensed colours) to colour the base slurry.

The system is mainly composed by three sections:

  • a modular storage area suitable for storing the dry pigments into the provided big-bag empting stations
  • a pneumatic conveying line
  • a high-precision weighing station, which weighs the various components of pre-setted recipes

By using no. 6 big-bag empting stations it is possible to adopt a chromatic colouring system based on hexachrome** concept (CMYKOG), to optimize the production management and the relative costs.

Thanks to the auxiliary accessories installed on the empting stations, the management of the dry stains becomes easy and safe.

The dry stains are conveyed, according to a pre-setted recipe, to the weighing station by a sealed pneumatic conveying line specifically designed to transport dry stains.

As soon as the batch of dry stains reaches the weighing station, there is a high-precision balance which weighs the lot; the recorded data are memorized in the supervisor then the material is unloaded into the intensive mixer, slurry tank, container, etc.….

The system repeats above cycle up to complete the pre-setted recipe.

Of course, like CMF TECHNOLOGY standards, there is a PC SUPERVISOR which controls, monitors and sets all the functions of the plant: production parameters, production reports, recorded recipes, historical alarms, analysis and check-up by internet remote-assistance, etc.…

The advantages offered by WIND automatic dispenser of dry stains are several, for example:

  • Efficiency of the system
  • Repeatability and reliability of the realized recipes
  • Guaranteed weighing accuracy
  • Speed and flexibility of execution
  • Lower use of labour
  • Safe management of toxic products
  • Substantial reduction in losses
  • Quality improvement

Obviously, all the mentioned advantages correspond to substantial economic benefits.

** Hexachrome is a six-colour chromatic colouring process that combines/mixes primary colours (Cyan, Magenta and Yellow), secondary colours (Orange and Green) and Black in order to expand the colour gamut.

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