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Polisher for unfired tiles


Veltile is a polisher to be used for the surface finishing of porcelain stoneware tiles.

The removal of a specific amount of material from the surface of a tile before firing it, enhances the special decorative effects, thus increasing its quality and the value added to the finished product.


Veltile operates without causing any deformations or defects in the flatness or parallelism of the tiles.


The amount to be removed is controlled automatically and can be adjusted from 0.1 mm to 2 mm according to your needs.Tangential heads are used for the rough grind and orbital heads for the polishing itself.


Veltile is equipped with a man-machine interface for the complete management, display and setting of functional parameters by means of menus that guide your selections.





VELTILE 5.1000

N° of heads

3 tangential heads

2 orbital heads

3 tangential heads

2 orbital heads

3 tangential heads

2 orbital heads

Roller’s center distance (I)

5.200 mm


6.380 mm

Rated power

19 kw

25 kw

27 kw


3.100 kg

3.700 kg

4.420 kg


from 200x200 mm

to 600x600 mm

from 200x200 mm

to 800x800 mm

from 300x300 mm

to 1.000x1.000 mm

Suggested exhaust system

12.000 m3/h

15.000 m3/h

15.000 m3/h

Width (L)

1.610 mm

1.860 mm

2.250 mm

Belt width (N)

800 mm

1.050 mm

1.300 mm

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