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Universal wet granulator


Twister is classified as "universal" because it produces wet grains of different diameters and consistencies from standard atomized powders. Besides the colored slips, the liquids used can be simply water or water with coloring agents in suspension.

The wet grains are formed by incorporating the colorant liquid,batched by means of volumetric peristaltic pumps, and powders continuously batched by flow rate weighing-batching belts.

The wet granulator features a standard batching unit consisting of three weighing belts for solids and three batching pumps for liquids.

The six components can be used in different combinations.


The wet granulator output can be adjusted from 20% to 100% of the rated value. The total rated power for a wet granulator with an output of 1500 kg/h is 4.5 kW including the pumps and the weighing belts. This gives a considerable energy savings with respect to other wet granulation systems used in the ceramics industry.

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