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Storage system


T-Box, the high capacity roller box loading/unloading unit is the result of CMF Technology’s decades of experience in the tile handling and storage field.

The transporter – elevator rollerway positioned in front of the two neighbouring boxes and the patented position of the single central-tilting mandrel arm make.
T-Box fast and reliable in all tile loading or unloading phases.


The mandrel arm mounted on the machine is located between the two roller boxes and rotates through 180° to move the rollers of the right or left box, as necessary.

The switch from one box to another is instant, thus guaranteeing continuous operation and making it ideal for positioning at critical points of the plant, such as kiln-front feeding.

This specific technical feature of the single central/tilting mandrel arm, the hallmark of CMF Technology’s storage machine, allows significant savings in plant space and considerably simplifies the mechanics of the machine subject to wear.


The interpolation of the upstroke/downstroke and sideways movements of T-Box’s transporter – elevator rollerway makes it possible to reach box level rapidly and complete loading or unloading (the number of tiles on the transporter – elevator is the same as the number of tiles that can be held on box level).

The loading or unloading switch from one box to another is immediate, which eliminates the need for mini-compensators, thus guaranteeing greater safety for the tiles handled.


The roller boxes used on T-Box are the standard CMF type and the roller fixing and driving system is simple yet highly efficient.

On one side of the box the rollers rest in holes, on the other they are held in place by a wearproof anchor pin with a pressure-activated quick coupling. This also contributes to solving problems caused by holding systems using bushings and metal stop rings and allows significant timesaving during assembly and maintenance phases.


The rim on each hole reinforces the roller box, the movement mandrels are tapered and when they are pushed inside the rollers, they lift them slightly thus locking them firmly through the expansion of the elastomers incorporated into the mandrels.
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