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Continuous dry colouring unit


CMF Technology, always aware of new production requirements, has created Recolor: the continuous dry colouring unit offering ceramic manufacturers a new method for preparing atomised coloured powders. Recolor is designed and based on the two basic principles of simplicity and precision taking into account, at the same time, the problems of cleaning and contamination typical of these processes.


Due to the special materials used and the technical solutions applied, the Recolor unit is not only extremely easy to use, but also flexible and efficient, offering the following advantages to ceramic companies:


Production flexibility due to the production and use of coloured powders in real time.
Simplified equipment on the back-press which can be installed even in limited spaces.
Existing plants that are not set up for the production and management of colours can be re-structured and up-dated.
Notable reduction of colour preparation time and costs.
An infinite number of colour shades and tones can be created.


The unit is also equipped with mini-sieves for each micro-batcher and a pneumatic vacuum conveying system for feeding the oxide batching modules.


Quicktile Supervisor Unit: supervision software managing control and interface with the plant.


Complete with pages for synoptic displaying, setting recipes, parameters, control indicators, information on current production and past production logs, Quicktile is supplied with a vast number of utilities including consumption control for the various components (colours), a system log acting as a sort of “black box”  memorising all the operations performed by the system, differentiated level access protected by passwords and a remote assistance option via Internet.


Quicktile is a product specially designed by CMF Technology and  may be customised and supplied with accessories to satisfy different customer and plant requirements.
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