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Vertical press feeding car

CMF Technology has pleasure in presenting Mac, the new revolutionary press-feeding system for powders and/or granulates.

The loading device know as “Mac” (multi-stratification of many components) allows new types of products in technical porcelain stoneware to be created due to its innovative stratification system and the vertical formation of the “soft” tile.

The innovative rotating filler system, teamed with a personalisable feeder module (the standard machine is set up for 6 feeders with completely separate operation) offers ceramists the change to “invent” their ideal trolley.

The strong similarity of the new “Mac” industrial process created by CMF Technology to the natural formation of stones and similar materials (marble, sandstone etc.) now gives ceramic technicians the opportunity of using a machine that is capable of “manufacturing” the most varied and complicated types of natural stones.


With this new system, industrial stones with a high aesthetic/technical content can also be created wioth colour combinations and “speckling-veining” effects that are not found in nature.

The machine has a moderate size and can be applied to all types of presses.



MAC 1750

MAC 2250

MAC 2450

Maximum size depth (mm)

L                 600
XL               900
XXL             1.200

L                600
XL              900
XXL             1.200

L               600
XL             900
XXL           1.200

Width (mm)




“A” Lenght (mm)

L               3.750
XL             4.200
XXL           4.700

L               3.750
XL             4.200
XXL           4.700

L              4.150
XL            5.100
XXL          6.300

Rated powder kW:




Weight (kg)

L                2.800
XL              3.100
XXL            3.300

L                 3.200
XL               3.700
XXL             4.000

L              3.500
XL            3.900
XXL          4.300

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