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Innovative system for forming tile squares by gluing the tiles!


CMF Technology has developed and constructed an innovative system called Composer for gluing mosaics and small tiles; it has generated a great deal of interest worldwide due to its simplicity and reliability.

Composer was designed to meet the ever increasing needs of the market for larger amounts of mosaics and small tiles that are joined together to facilitate their installation.

Obviously this new unit not only takes the place of the paper mesh or fiberglass system, thus leaving an effective surface for the adhesive of more than 90%, but also replaces the glue dots system and drying oven.

Specifically, Composer uses a hot glue that is directly injected onto a moving surface, where the tile squares are formed, which bonds with the pieces of material (mosaic, tiles, marble, etc.) and cools in just two minutes to form a uniform tile square that is ready to be handled, boxed, and loaded onto pallets.

As can easily be imagined, this system features the following advantages:

  • reduction of the space requirements: 50% less than the conventional glue dots systems (with this innovative system the effective area is only approximately 90 m² - 13 x 7 linear meters)
  • high production rate that can exceed 5,000 m²/day
  • reduction of the amount of glue for each individual dot
  • elimination of the oven, related handling, and the use of gas
  • perfect joints
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