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System for the production of porcelain stoneware tiles


The primary aim of porcelain stoneware tile manufacturers is to produce easily and in a short time only the required quantity of tiles, thereby avoiding the need to store excess materials while reducing stocks and related expenses.

CMF Technology’s response to these serious requests is Clevermix, a truly flexible system for manufacturing porcelain stoneware tiles based on the preparation in real time of the atomized mixtures, wet grains and dry grains, in the quantities required for producing the specific number of tiles needed.


The Clevermix system originates from the application of a number of fundamental concepts that form the basis of the system:



Real time production and use of colour mixtures and of any granulated or micronised materials required by the recipe being produced.


Management of all the components in the quantities strictly necessary, thus eliminating the residues in the various line hoppers at the end of the lot.

This makes it possible to minimise cleaning operations for product change and to avoid the management of large powder residues that are difficult to recycle.



This is the concept of managing the various coloured powders on a single dedicated line for each press in production.

The various batching, granulation, compacting units and even the simple transportation lines and belt feeders are dedicated to a single production press. This guarantees the absolute certainty of avoiding contamination from other colours not present in the tile being produced.

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