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CMF.XLT is the new brand name for its wide range of plant and process solutions devised specially for large-format panels made from ceramic and other materials.
Designed for the production, handling and finishing of large-format panels, these plants and machines are increasingly in demand both in Italy and abroad.
CMF Technology has already sold numerous items from the XLT range.
In the automation segment, the ROTOX transfer table and MAGIC TABLE tile rotation device have attracted especially strong interest.
ROTOX is used for the transfer and 90° rotation of large-format ceramic panels and submultiples (for example at the exit from the horizontal dryer or at the glazing line entrance).
MAGIC TABLE fulfils the need for safe rotation of ceramic panels and their submultiples and guarantees complete integrity of the products at the end of the production process.
For the production of unglazed porcelain panels, CMF Technology is currently installing the new Spiller Evolution powder loading device on the GEA press from System, the target is the production of single and double loaded panels in a 1200x3600 mm size.
The XLT range of technology also includes the SILKTILE dry satin finishing machine, which is capable of lapping ceramic panels in sizes of up to 1600x3200 mm.
A number of units have recently been sold in Italy and abroad.
SILKTILE is produced in a wide range of models to meet many different requirements (matt or gloss finish for glazed porcelain tiles, satin finish for unglazed porcelain, etc.) and is attracting growing interest on the market.
To allow for machine set-up customisation, a SILKTILE industrial satin finishing machine is in operation at the CMF Technology facility and is available for use by customers to perform testing with the technical support of abrasives manufacturers.