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With this document C.M.F. TECHNOLOGY, owner of,, www.cmfspa.euand websites, wants to inform about the management modalities in relation to the treatment of the private data of the users who are surfing the website, with a direct access from the homepage or from internal pages.


This document wants to be, as in fact it is, corresponding to the decisions of the article 13 of the 30th June 2003, n. 196 Legislative Decree (Code about the personal data protection). This document is valid only and exclusively for this website and not for the other sites consulted by the user through links activated from the pages of our website. If you surf this website, you can find data related to identified or identifiable people.



The treatment owner is C.M.F. TECHNOLOGY S.P.A., whose seat is located in (41026) Pavullo nel Frignano MODENA, Via Bottegone 73.



Surfing data

Computer systems and software procedures used for the functioning of this website acquire, during their normal utilization, some personal data, whose transmission is implicit in the Internet communication protocols use. This information isn't collected to be associated to identified concerned people, but it could, through elaborations and associations with data held by a third person, permit to identify the users. In this data category are included IP addresses, the record names of the computers which are used by the users to connect with this website, addresses in URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) notation of the required resources, the request time, the method utilized to submit the demand to the server, the dimension of the answer file, the numerical code which indicates the state of the reply to the server (good end, error, …) and other parameters concerning the operating system and the user computer background. The data which are collected this way can be utilized for a responsibility ascertainment in case of possible computer offences at this website. Data supplied by the user.


The optional, explicit and voluntary data sending, as required by varied sections of this website, is utilized to satisfy the user requests (for example an e-mail forwarding for a commercial demand).


Except for the surfing data which are necessary to carry out telematic and computer protocols, user data conferring is free and optional. However, the uneffected data conferring will make impossible to proceed with the forwarded requests or the demands that the user wants to forward.


The data which are collected by means of this website are treated through telematic and computer procedures. All the security measures which are provided by 196/2003 Legislative Decree and enclosures are however guaranteed.


Concerned users can assert anyway the rights provided by the articles 7 and following of 196/2003 Legislative Decree. They can forward their requests to: C.M.F. TECHNOLOGY S.P.A., Via Bottegone 73, 41026 Pavullo nel Frignano MODENA; they can also send an e-mail to this address: (subject: Personal data request).



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