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CMF TECHNOLOGY’s capacity for production diversification means that its product catalogue is being constantly up-dated.
The main products can be grouped into 2 major sectors:




SYSTEMS FOR THE CERAMIC INDUSTRY: that is, systems for conveying and handling ceramic products (tiles) during their main production stages, storage systems with laser guided handling plus finishing and sorting lines for the finished products.




TECHNOLOGY FOR PORCELAIN STONEWARE: that is, technological towers, systems for managing, handling, batching, mixing and processing the main raw materials in powders or granules for ceramic products.


T-Box Clevermix
T-Flat Recolor
Roflat Matrix
Rotox Flaker
Pegaso Twister
Caddy Quicktile
Veltile Stonerise
Silktile Tracer
Lineup - Flypall - Flybox Mac
Perfecttile onyx
Composer Wind



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