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C.M.F. TECHNOLOGY has designed and set up industrial plants and automated systems all over the world for over 35 years.
The company operates as a core business in plant engineering for the ceramic industry and is currently one of the company leaders in the sector.


C.M.F. TECHNOLOGY  has a work force of over 60 people made up of technical staff with specialised professional experience and boasts the most advanced design and work instruments.
This has given it a top performance company structure able to follow all the stages of a project at first hand: initial engineering for plant designs, complete mechanical and electrical planning, creation of personalised control and supervision software, construction and assembly of all the main mechanical parts, direct set-up of electrical plants up to the final stages of starting up and testing, plus certification for all products in all parts of the world and remote assistance via Internet.


C.M.F. TECHNOLOGY has a modern research and development workshop complete with various pilot plant engineering set-ups allowing them to develop processes and new up-to-date plant engineering solutions. The company also offers technological training or personalised research programs for its customers.

Recent large investments have also allowed the workshop to be enlarged.


The strong point of C.M.F. TECHNOLOGY is certainly its maximum production flexibility which, combined with its high sensitivity towards the ever-growing and different needs of customers and the markets, has always aimed at constant up-dating and product diversification as well as creating personalised plant engineering even outside its sector.


Conventions and scientific technical collaborations with important institutes (universities, MIUR workshops) further qualify the services of C.M.F. TECHNOLOGY.

The Organisation Structure:



CHIODI Maurizio

General director: PINELLI Franco

Plant engineering

Automation engineering
Electrical planning
Software planning
Logistics and after sales service
Projects and research
Sales department

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